On Sunday 28 November 2021 at 6.00 pm the International Cultural Kermesse SAME CONCEPT 2021 was inaugurated in the presence of the Institutions, in the splendid setting of the PULVIRENTI HISTORICAL PALACE of the City of Pedara (CT).

Ribbon cutting by the Honorable Anthony Barbagallo, the Mayor of the City of Pedara, the Ass. to Art, tourism and entertainment Carmelo Mazzella, of the Ass. Leonardo Laudani Sport and Entertainment, the President of the CCM Museum Mariagrazia Minio, Dr. Salvo De Luca, Prof. Laura Petralia and Dr. Lucrezia Dragonetto.

Testimonial was the French International Artist Thomas Mainardi.

Direction by the President Mariagrazia Minio with the Presentation by Prof. Giuseppe Adernò, with the musical contribution of Maestro Gianluca Belfiore who performed pieces by Ludwig Van Beethoven Sonata op. 27 n.2, “Sonata in the moonlight”, Fryderyk Chopin Fantasie Impromptu op. 66, Sergej Vasil’evič Rachmaninov Six Moments Musicaux op. 16 n. 3, Sergej Vasil’evič Rachmaninov Six Moments Musicaux op. 16 n. 4.

The exhibition enjoys the patronage of the City of Pedara, ARS, the AMEDEO MODIGLIANI FOUNDATION and the CCM MUSEUM.

They exhibit:


Andy Warhol (USA), Banksy (UK), Newton (USA),


Aurelio Bruni (ITALY), Alex Caminiti (ITALY), Antonio Manzi (ITALY), Raquel Di Carvalho (BRAZIL)

Claus Brusen (DENMARK), Vicente Moya Gallego (SPAIN)

Eduardo Alanis (MEXICO), Veronica Winters (USA)

Carmelo Fabio D’Antoni (ITALY), Celestino Mesa (Canary Islands), Ricardo Celma (ARGENTINA) Erica Calardo (ITALY)

Claudio Giulianelli (ITALY), Luciano Manara (ITALY), Bruna Borghi (ITALY)

Thomas Mainardi (FRANCE), Federica Orsini (ITALY), Arthur Gain – (RUSSIA)

Elena Tarasenko (LATVIA) Matthias Kostner (ITALY) Stefania Vichi (Italy)

Ines Darwich (ARGENTINA), Noemi Costantini (ARGENTINA)

Hea Ja Kim (SOUTH KOREA), Azul Iturri (ARGENTINA)

Yamil Picco (ARGENTINA), Hottmar Horl (GERMANY)

Alexander Donskoi (CANADA), Antonella Cinelli (ITALY), Domenico Battaglia BADO’(ITALIA) 

Gianni Serra (ITALY), Roberta Serenari (ITALY), Marco Barucco (ITALY)

Angelo Butera (Italy), Anna Bellinazzi (ITALY), Simone Galimberti (ITALY)

Dimitri Salonia (ITALY).


Cristiana Cardillo (ITALY), Chiara Viscuso (ITALY) Michele Montalto (ITALY)

Gaetano Privitera GAPRI (ITALY),

Deborah Granata (ITALY), Gabriella Trova (Italy),

Pablito Martinez (Brazil), Kristen Asher (USA)


Mariagrazia Minio President

The Caravaggio County Museum, Ars Magistris Group, Studio D’Arte Movimento Stilnovista Carmelo Fabio D’Antoni, in collaboration with the administration of the City of Pedara (CT), present the international collective “SAME CONCEPT”.

The exhibition is hosted in the prestigious spaces of the historic Pulvirenti building, owned by the City of Pedara.

The exhibition is part of the international circuit of exhibitions promoted and curated by our group which includes, in addition to the editorial activity and the publication of the international bimonthly Ars Magistris Magazine and CCM Magazine, also the promotion and enhancement of Italian and foreign masters of modern art and contemporary approached to the historicized.

The activity is also offered through our circuits within the exhibition rooms of the CCM Museum Villa delle Arti with temporary and permanent exhibitions.

Our Mission is aimed at promoting art and culture in the world and we are sure that this cultural event will be essential for the professional and artistic growth of all the masters present in the exhibition.

Italian and foreign contemporary masters who confronted themselves, for this exhibition, with different techniques and styles, opening new perspectives of creativity.

The visitor can immerse himself in a complex and varied universe of shapes and colors, which in harmony and formal balance always find their common denominator, managing to enhance the purity of form, space and color, albeit with innovative interpretations and personal.

In this edition it seemed only right to give space to a section dedicated to the youngest artists who will soon be placed on the national and international market thanks to our circuits.

Thanks to the Partnerships:

Ugo Guidi Museum, Pegasus Cultural Heritage, Toscana Cultura, Manara Design Florence, Ass. Argonauti, Acanthus, MegaArt Gallery, Il Forte Arte Gallery in Forte dei Marmi, NBAD, M.A.S. Movimento Artistico Stilnovista, Ce.Pa.Sa di Spoleto, Atelier Butera, CCM MAGAZINE, LC Comunicazione, ARS MAGISTRIS Group, Drawing As a Master, Art and Sense, ACLI Pedara, NOUS, Absinthe Teatro, K-ArT, Ass. Voci Del Nera , Ass. MAITRI, Ass. JALA ASD, MediaPrint Graphics and Printing by Salvatore Pappalardo, Jewelery Aloisio Pietro, Flowers and Butterflies by Giuseppe Grasso, Contea Production TV Web, ASS. BUTTERFLY COMPANY.

Filmed by EXPLORER OF ART TV WEB and Davide Sgroi TV Web.

Photo by Gabriele Fasanaro, Head of the Web Portal of the Municipality of Pedara and the Official CCM MUSEUM photographer Adele Battaglia.

She is thanked for the Pedara Flowers and Butterflies floral arrangement that she has enriched with her wonderful floral creations.

The exhibition will be open every day, at the Palazzo Storico Pulvirenti rooms, from 28 November to 19 December 2021. 10-12 am 16-18 pm.

From 22 December to 30 May 2022 the exhibition will be open to the public in the exhibition halls of the Villa of the arts of the CCM MUSEUM, via Rimini 1 San Giovanni La Punta CT.

It will be open by appointment. Monday to Friday from 4 to 6 pm.

Free admission in compliance with COVID19 regulations. Entrance with GREEN PASS exhibition



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