On Wednesday 8 September 2021 at 7.30 pm the personal exhibition of Maestro Domenico Battaglia badò was inaugurated in the splendid setting of the historic Palazzo Pulvirenti in Pedara (CT).

Ribbon cutting by the Mayor of Pedara Alfio Cristaudo with the presence of the Deputy Mayor Mario Laudani, the Councilor for Tourism and Entertainment Carmelo Mazzella and the Councilor Laura Petralia.

The exhibition is curated by the President Mariagrazia Minio of the CCM Museum in collaboration with the Councilor for Tourism and Entertainment Carmelo Mazzella and the Councilor Laura Petralia.

Domenico Battaglia Badò, painter, specialist in figurative watercolor.

It is a selection of recent creations, outside of pure realism. He is inspired by the tradition of Italian watercolor painters, where light and color are the main reasons for his expression. The same in architecture, where it follows the realistic Baroque trend. His work is the reflection of an intimate world, of a duality between reality and hope. All in the name of decisive elegance, with balanced spaces to which it combines shape and color. Badò shapes the eternity of feelings, experiences that can have continuity or that perhaps belong to the past. He is an exceptional designer, with an enviable mastery of color, a true reflection of reality. He knows how to see and believe, in a constant game in which the figure acquires prominence and quality. Domenico Battaglia is a talent of painting. Multifaceted artist particularly appreciated in Italy and abroad. His work is widespread and appears in many public and private collections. Thanks to the Mayor Alfio Cristaudo, the Councilor for Tourism and Entertainment Carmelo Mazzella and the whole administration for the patronage. On the occasion of the presentation of the exhibition, Maestro Badò together with the President of MAS Carmelo Fabio D’Antoni donated two works for the future Picture Gallery of the City of Pedara CT.

We thank the Partnerships:

Ugo Guidi Museum, Pegasus Cultural Heritage, Ass. Argonauti, MegaArt Gallery, NBAD New Box Art Design, M.A.S. Stilnovista Artistic Movement, Ce.Pa.Sa di Spoleto ,, Luz Cultural Magazine, ARS MAGISTRIS Group, Contea Production.


Corso Ara di Giove, 126, 95030 Pedara CT

Review of Contemporary Art

from 8 September to 12 September 2021

HOURS AM 9/14 PM 18/20

For info and reservations: 3896154200




Badò - stage name of Domenico Battaglia, was born in Catania in 1946, where he graduated from the Institute of Art. In the city of Palermo he is qualified to teach drawing and art history. He taught pictorial decoration and directed the professional drawing workshops at the State Institute of Art in Catania. He is a painter, sculptor, graphic designer, engraver, an attentive connoisseur of the monuments and the history of his city.

He actively participates in national and international group exhibitions in Palermo, Messina, Rome, Catania, Florence, Pisa, Spoleto, Geneva, Lille, Luxembourg, Zurich, Bern, Prague, Sofia, etc. meeting more and more critical and public acclaim, which allow him to be present in qualified public and private collections in Italy and abroad.

Artistic Director of the Caravaggio County Museum, he also has works visible in public works in his city, both at the “Civica and A. Ursino Recupero” Libraries and at the Palazzo degli Elefanti Comune di Catania.

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